Industrial Prelube System
Pre-Oil It Or Lose It !
Industrial Pre Lube Kit Saves Engines Installation

1: Locate the best position for the oil storage tank and install the mounting brackets.

The accumulator tank can be mounted in any position, vertical, horizontal or with the opening facing down.
2: Remove the oil pressure-sending unit on the engine and replace it with a tee fitting and then connect the hydraulic hose from the engine to the solenoid valve on the storage tank.

 3: Use the supplied fuse tap to connect the solenoid valve controller to a fuse that will supply positive current when the key is turned on.  

1986 Kenworth truck with the 3406b Caterpillar engine

Insta-Lube D-Kit 4.5 X 16 IN. Storage Tank  Installation Engine Compartment 

Insta-Lube Pre-Post Lube E-Kit With 4.5 X 26 in. Storage Tank

Ontario Airport Runway Snow Removal Equipment With 2-Caterpillar C13 Diesel Engines

Engine Make-Year