Industrial Prelube System
Pre-Oil It Or Lose It !
Industrial Pre Lube Kit Saves Engines FAQ

Q: Can the accumulator tank be mounted in any position?

A: Yes the tank can be installed any where you choose to install it.

Q: Is the oil that is stored in the accumulator tank filtered oil?

A: Yes, only pre-filtered oil from the engine oil gallery is stored for pre-lubing the engine the next time you turn the key on.

 Q: I’m rebuilding a 
Cummins engine and want to pre lube it the first start-up; can the storage tank be filled with oil ready and pressurized before installing it?

A: Yes the tank can be filled with oil and pressurized with shop air ready to pre lube the engine for the first time after the rebuild.

Q: It’s a well-known fact that a great deal of Industrial Engine Bearing Wear is at start-up, so why don’t the manufactures address the problem?

A: The engine manufactures make more money if their engines have to be replaced more often is the most logical answer. 

Q: Will it work on my motor home?

A: All industrial engines, stationary engines, Cars, trucks, suvs, vans, motor homes, boats, tractors, engines or any other engine using a pressurized oil system will benefit the same with the Insta-Lube Industrial Prelube System.

Q: How good is the Industrial Prelube System in cold weather?

By installing the Insta-Lube pre-oil Kit you eliminate most of this bearing wear and prolong the life of your engine.

Q: How difficult is the Insta-Lube Pre Lube kit to install?

A: There are 3 easy steps to install the Insta-Lube Kit.

 Q: I have an engine with a 24-volt electrical system will the Industrial prelube system work on it?

A: Yes the Insta-Lube Kit will work on all 6 volt 12 volt or 24-volt engines. 

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